FILAMENT: The work of Bill FitzGibbons and Creighton Michael, Paninat Roper, editor; 2010
FILAMENT, an interaction between light and line, is a transformed environment, in which the viewer encounters the tangible nature and sensual pleasure of drawing. By employing, as the primary lighting source, a collaged video loop of Bill FitzGibbons and Creighton Michael captured in various marking activities, FILAMENT immerses the viewer in real time with the artists’ historical marking processes.

TAPESTRY (with Paninat Roper, 2010) was created with a patchwork of video stills from FILAMENT (2010). It became the lighting source forThe Drawing Curtain. An archive of personal drawing activity, its flickering shadows function as memory metaphors.

These short drawing videos define Drawing as the redistribution of marking episodes.

BLACK TAPESTRY a film drawing, in collaboration with Paninat Roper; 2011 (video)

WHITE TAPESTRY a film drawing, in collaboration with Paninat Roper; 2011 (video)

Shadows Trilogy

This drawing cycle explores through various marking activities, methods and tools the difficulty of communication and the resulting sense of isolation that often occurs. Connecting the first two episodes are two relentlessly repeated questions. In ShadowsSpeak, Can you understand what I am saying? and Can you see what I am saying? are asked in both sight and sound, while ShadowsWeave uses only the soundtrack to repeat the second question. Proceeding without answers, the final component, ShadowsPast, replaces questions with a sense of disconnection and isolation.

Sarah Campbell, Production Manager; Animators: Mitchell Williamson and Yan Zhang, premier screening at the Ho Tung Visualization Lab, Colgate University, Hamilton, New York; 2014

DOUBLE DUTCH: The Wedding Feast

Jennifer Macdonald, Hand Drawn Animation and Editor
David Biedenbender, Composer (original musical score)
Premiered at the Allentown Art Museum’s exhibition, PAST/PRESENT: Conversations Across Time, February 22- May 17, 2015