Studio Projects

The Blindsight Project
The Blindsight Project explores perceptual effects of ischemic optic neuropathy, which in my case caused such optical disturbances as peripheral glimmer fused with tinted distortions, shooting flares that momentarily appear through shifting veils of muted color and fleeting appearances of translucent floating forms. Learning to navigate between “real” and illusion is a continuous challenge.
The Blindsight Project

dimensional drawing project
A blend of drawing and sculpture, these new works were in essence drawing kits with instructions that allowed the preparator varying degrees of freedom in deciding how the piece would be installed and in turn the preparator would become invested in the process and its outcome.
dimensional drawing proect

INd print project
The INd Print Project is a twelve print limited edition suite produced in collaboration with Christopher Shore. Each INd print is derived from a stratiform drawing constructed of previous marking episodes that have been either converted into corrupted image patterns through a computer anomaly or extraction patterns, which are distilled digitally from images of existing drawings. The project began with the creation of the black and white digital prints and finished with the monochromatic intaglio edition.
INd Print Project 2017-18