MOTIF, explores drawing activity first as a deferred then as a direct marking system. Each painting is a synthesis of these two separate marking styles both based in action, but separated by time and how color is perceived. These two opposing forces achieve a perpetual spatial ambiguity, which is underscored by continually shifting patterns within the picture plane. In the deferred marking system, a translucent layering of previously painted acrylic strokes, the color is prismatic. Color appears as the result of light reflecting back through the transparent strata. The compilation of oil painted gestures floating on the surface creates a tonal calligraphic tapestry of pigment color, whose optical weight contributes to the visual tension in the painting. This fluid script floating along the surface partially conceals and episodically interrupts the rhythms of its underneath counterpart encouraging the viewer to peer through the variable openings of the pigmented lattice in a persistent attempt to reconcile the conflict between the two marking systems in the MOTIF paintings.

MOTIF 1210

Dimensions: 50 x 50", Medium: oil on acrylic on canvas, Date: 2010

Additional images

MOTIF 1310
MOTIF 1610
MOTIF 1810






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