Begun during the summer of 2008, PLY is a series of indirect or transfer paintings, whose initial concept was a response to the 1922 Telephone paintings of László Moholy-Nagy. Paralleling Moholy-Nagy's act of disengagement by establishing a distance of time and space between the artist and the creative act, translucent acrylic paint, varying in color and intensity, is randomly brushed onto multiple plastic sheets culminating in a glossary of painted strokes. Later from this extensive marking vocabulary, individual units are selected then applied to a convex panel, constructing the painting incrementally with transparent layers that simultaneously capture the action reminiscent of painting activity while involving the viewer vicariously in its process.

PLY 1109

Dimensions: 24 x 24 x 2.5", Medium: acrylic on convex panel, Date: 2009

Additional images

PLY 108
PLY 708
PLY 909
PLY 1009






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