rgbDRAWING: Pigment on Paper

Íslensk Grafík
Tryggvagata 17, hafnarmegin
101 Reykjavik, Iceland

28 May-11June 2017

rgbDrawing: Pigment on Paper is a unique collaboration between Creighton Michael and Ben Diep showcasing selections from recent series of digital drawings. This next generation of hybrid work uses a large digital format in a time capture process that fuses gesture drawing with photography. Instead of capturing motion in sequential frames, as video does, all activity is recorded in one frame. In this new photographically based work, corrupted image patterns from personal marking history as well as debris from my sculpture practice are used as implements in a marking technique that combines some of the mechanics employed in puppetry with other stagecraft elements to expand and explore the possibilities of drawing.

view or download a pdf for more information and a full project description