Dimensional Drawing Project

In 2004 Munson-Williams-Proctor Arts Institute Museum of Art was hosting an exhibition of my work but needed additional assistance with the installation in order to open the show on time. I suggested to Mary Murray, the curator, to ask sculpture students studying at the institute to help with the installation since this work had been designed for someone other than myself to install. A blend of drawing and sculpture, these new works were in essence drawing kits with instructions that allowed the preparator varying degrees of freedom in deciding how the piece would be installed and in turn the preparator would become invested in the process and its outcome. The student response was overwhelmingly positive not only in mounting the exhibition but also with their attendance at both the lecture and following reception. As an artist and educator, whose primary focus is drawing, I realized developing this experience into a mobile project could be a powerful tool in the understanding and teaching of drawing to students both in studio programs as well as in unrelated fields.  Creating an exhibition through collaboration between student teams and engaged faculty as well as myself has proven to be an inspiring platform for teaching drawing from an unconventional vantage point. The Dimensional Drawing Project can interface with existing curricula thus benefiting a broad spectrum of students. Currently the entire exhibition travels in two reusable crates via FedEx Ground. Project objectives, introduction and history of drawing dimensionally, drawing exercises, information on the work in the Project, tools or necessary equipment and a list of past venues follow.

–Creighton Michael

download pdf of full project description